WhereEVER you are headed in 2021...is PERFECT.

This is 1.1.2021 New Year's Day with my beloved Satori on her first HIKE in Maili. She is fearless in the mountains like a wolf on a hunt. She wasn't unfortunately able to track us a good trail so perhaps still a wolf pup. This is the first New Year's Eve, I've planned nothing but to be home with my baby dog. Even going to watch fireworks while driving in a car was too scary for her, as she hid under my bed for hours. She did, however come out for a dapper photoshoot in Black mink and pearls before she tore the necklace apart and pearls spilled everywhere in the apartment! Happy NEW YEARRRR! She said. And indeed it was. I went outside with my trusty Walmart beach chair and watched the BEST firework show UP CLOSE that I'd ever watched. Sober and in full parent mode, I was able to actual be away from Satori attached to my leg everywhere we went while I took my chair to my apartment's parking lot 100 yards from my home. She had to choose safety in her bunker under the bed versus being brave enough to face the firebombing loudness of New Years Even in Hawaii. Ive ended several key relationships that no longer serve me, which may not look like an official email but it looks like not taking what another person's judgments of my experience mean personally. 2020 was a hard year for a lot of people, but for me, it was mostly full of Enlightenments and Breakthroughs. These came with chaos and my heart breaking wide open but growth to a brand new me is evident, as we also, in the aftermath of chaos face the dawn of a NEW AMERICA, I can reflect on how it takes utter chaos for governments to make radical changes. I have broken free of my own enslavement and am ready to start my family, multiplying LOVE energy exponentially...I called in the perfect doggess companion and LOVER of me..there is only more of that to be received in the Universe. I am saying I want only SACRED relationships, deep conversations, partners that gaze into my eyes more...will you do this with me?

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