The Divine Masculine is NOT Kali's submissive

Shakti is pure #divinefeminine energy that lives inside us all (regardless of gender) Shiva is the #divinemasculine immortal god partner of the goddess Shakti. This in Tantra the famous balance of yin and yang together are Shakti and Shiva. One is not better than the other, both need each other to survive and thrive. Shakti can change forms into #Kali the fierce ego slaying warrior and #Durga goddess o

f war and weaponry, both are are mothers and #Shiva is the husband of all their forms. A demon who seemed to dominate and terrorize at the time named #raktabeej would be able to form into 1000s of replications of himself once you cut him and his blood hit the earth. So Kali slayed Ramya Beej when he first appeared and an army of his clones were formed. She swiftly slayed them all and drank their blood before it hit the ground. She fell into blood lust with all this destructive action and forgot who she was. Dancing in blood lust and destruction the gods called upon Shiva to help.

"Shiva was approached

Soon the demon corpses were reduced to mush, yet Kali continued dancing. It seemed as though nothing would stop Her, and again the world was on the verge of collapse. Something had to be done, and soon. The gods begged Shiva to intervene and calm Kali before it was too late." (

Shiva started to enjoy Kali's dance of destruction and praise her good work for the world and he was swiftly cut by her. Kali realizes her mistake but Shiva the destroyer finally ends her destructive rampage with his sacrifice.

The divine masculine who HOLDS THE SPACE for the expression of rage of the feminine is immortal. He sacrifices his current life in that moment to destroy her destructive rampage. He is not afraid of her "drama" or her "crazy emotions." Through this action Kali reverts back to his consort Shakti and everyone returns to normal life on earth.