Tantra and Yoga Online Recommendation and What's the Difference Anyway?

Yoga International online has an amazing array of authentic, diverse and traditional Yoga classes. They have a generous 30 day FREE TRIAL which I started during the lockdowns and find it to be an INCREDIBLE resources for me to pull exercises for specific situations for my client/seekers. They have Tantric Yoga and Breathwork classes (many of clients have breathing issues, which is the essence of LIFE FORCE (sexual) ENERGY so I might take a certain breathwork class from this site and then teach it to them in my session. Here is the link for you to try them out!

Because tantra is about becoming aware of and whole with oneself, tantra can be yoga, she says. “Tantric yoga weaves together many yogic and meditative practices to help you get as deep an understanding of yourself as possible, so that you can accept that self,” says Rose.

Tantra yoga may include:

  • chanting

  • breath work

  • yoga poses

  • chakra work

  • meditation

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This is Shawn Roop, one of my oldest mentors and Tantra Life Coach teachers from San Diego speaking on this subject.