Sacred KINK: Training the Divine Masculine

Here is a modeling session and intro to kink training with my local hot Handyman of the island. It's fun to live out fantasies and role plays and BDSM (bondage, domination, sadomasochism) helps us to fulfil that in whatever way feels GOOD to us. When I think about this scene and how porn cliche it is to have a stranger bring me flowers and collar his cock for my service is a delightful image you can at least appreciate, can't you? SOMETIMES, when I have them go on a task like buy my puppy expensive food at the Pet store, or buy ginger flowers or Birds of Paradise bouquets and those baby seedless watermelons at the Safeway in Ewa Beach. YES, I really make you do these things. Yes, some of them say no, and it has and has not killed our session after. I allow it to be what it will naturally. My LOVE LANGUAGE IS acts of service such as buying me things that I really need and love and use. Speaking their known love language will get you closer to that partner and ignoring it will drive them away. Relationships of any duration (even this arrangement is a relationship, we are relating) either bring people closer or further apart. My other love language is CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION about needs wants and actions, which if they are able to ASSERT boundaries that they didn't even know they had, it would be a turning point for them. But, I am unattached to their outcomes which is one of the reasons this can work. He was not ejaculated and i was training him in #semen retention which is one of the more famous parts of #tantra and its practical uses in a human's regular sex life. In kink and BDSM energetics are very important. "Building sub space" it is called and can look like being bound and gagged or it can look like going to Costco to do the heavy lifting for me. Everyone is unique as the energy contained within them.

Appreciating the male physique was actually something I had to bring back into my consciousness as I tried to force myself to become UN-attracted to men as a result of the trauma I had experienced in relationships with them since childhood if you include my father. In 2013, Tantra gave me the freedom to see and appreciate men beyond the human that was in front of me, beyond the rapes and the abandonment, but I was given the power to feel the spirit of the person, the divine entity, the intention, the curiosity, the GAMBLE of the game, pheromones and adrenalin charging us both like a knife being sharpened on a block. Kinky play has more adrenalin rush than standard Tantra because its darker magic. My dominant persona is me in my pure arrogant EGO power Goddess! Muah ha ha! But nowadays I am compassionate and kind. I dominate with wisdom not sadism or humiliation because I have done my own inner work and Kink Therapy through 12 years of BDSM! Most use sensation play (smacking, spanking, tying up, fucking) or desensitization play (blindfolding, binding, total power exchange) to experience new and delightful feelings. I am not degrading my subject, I am using a consensual power exchange scenario to teach sex energy and boundaries. It could make my pussy wet and want to get fucked by you and in the next moments hug you goodbye with no further penetration ever. It's that good. I allow whatever to happen go unforced and just play out within the set parameters. We play up to the edge of that line. I used to make not getting fucked mean that I was rejected or not good enough at one point in my life. But doing it this way has helped me appreciate the body in front of me in every.single.moment that it is willing to share. This is your older woman MILF and handyman fantasy that was more popular in the 80s and 90s porn intro. SEX ENERGY is built up over multiple days and weeks if you are lucky in this scene that you may have been in and it is a cauldron that you can stoke and play with, extend it out or kill its fire instantly. Control begins with AWARENESS. Let me know if you are interested in a Sacred Kink session! All genders and non beautiful people welcome. Here is a wonderful write up about some of the kink I do with bisexual people!

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