New 2021 Collaboration w/ hex+rue Apothecary Honolulu February 5th 6-8pm $25

#downtown #honolulu #chinatown #tantra #sexmagick #february #events hex+rue Apothecary and bookshop has invited me to teach a class during these Covid times which means that there are only SIX SPACES available Oahu! You can come ALONE! Or with your lover or friend! You can take your family member! All exercises will be demonstrated to adjust for variations of your different relationships. I do chakra exchanging and clearings and lovings with my puppy all the time! #sexmagic is a ritual using CREATION ENERGY. This creation or LIFE FORCE energy IS the stuff that, well life is made from. This clothed workshop is implied orgasm and is even open to youth 14 and older because I want young people to have sacred sex education too! Reserve and pay through the website! This class will talk about yoni eggs (pictured below), lingam wands, Shiva lingam stones for your sex magic rituals and altars and more! come with a friend OR alone! All are welcome. A service dog will be present.

Orgasm in Tantra is a wild burst of inspiration from within that creates its own beautiful unpredictable release. We can have a laugh orgasm or laughgasm, a cough-gasm and many other types of non genital releases if we attune to them. I'm inviting ALL AGES 14+ to learn about how to use sexual (life force) energy in conscious ways.

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