Need More Dick in Your Life?

Did I make ya look? Repulsed but curious? It's a funny saying really. Lil Wayne always makes it sound unoffensive somehow. But the implication of it is not having enough PHYSICAL SEX ORGAN is where your problem lies. Men feel inadequate because they might feel lack in that department, and women feel inadequate if they "haven't gotten laid in months." They will tell you that there are even COBWEBS growing down there while laughing and elbowing you. All is centered on the physical notion of penis and vagina. The SPIRITUAL presence of YONI (sacred temple/vagina) and the LINGAM (wand of light) is energetically vast in size and meaning. Rock hard dick is an ancient thing in Japan. It was an obvious symbol of fertility but the Japanese recognized the symbol of seed being representative of coming crops and harvests, prosperity, fertility, protection, fisherman's catch. If we think about the ECOSEXUAL relationship we have with all of the trees and plants breathing and exchanging LIFE FORCE BREATH with each tree and plant, then it extends to the birds and bees, the volcanoes and even the fleas. Shintoists of Japan believed there were spirits in the breeze, in temple buildings, boats, etc. You can define spirit as you declare it. You can put it on an altar, hold it during ritual or prayer, you can carry one with you especially if you have trouble with asserting yourself, (being a dick/more masculine energy is needed). Mine is coming from ebay soon, originally from India, pictured below. I can already feel its cool and smoothness on my face! Maybe I have a smooth fetish. I like smooth freshly shaved testicles on my face too. Hmmmm.

Use of yoni eggs and lingam stones (rocks) can be a way for you to heal trauma you have (i'll use present tense assuming you haven't healed it, that's why it would be good for you to do) from non consensual DICK. You alchemize the lingam and revive your spiritual relationship with the Divine Masculine through rituals with the lingam stones. This may or may not work for you. Stones and crystal work, AND Tantra are not for everyone. When we release the need to attach to the physical requirements necessary to feel alive, free and sexy, ENOUGH then we are following the Tantric path.