My Session Rates Explained

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

"We create a SACRED CONTAINER where we can safely play and LEARN TO SHARE within the boundaries of our agreed paid session times and it is exists only there.  Your PAYMENT IS THE GOLDEN SEAL of this container." 

I charge by the SESSION NOT BY THE HOUR. Some people take longer to become comfortable to trust and feel and I want to give ample space for all to flow without worrying about staying within a certain time frame, within reason. USUALLY first sessions are 2 hours, and future sessions if you choose to work on a deeper level often are outside in nature (hiking and swimming in the womb of Pele). I am very experienced with running sessions using both the session and hourly model. I feel that sex work creates a TRANSACTIONAL CODEPENDENCY where a certain outcome is expected (ejaculation, certain positions, certain outfits etc, you better make me cum etc). This does not teach the client real sexuality or authentic intimacy skills but a false sense of confidence in their abilities which usually only lasts as long as the session and then is gone until the next month when they need their next haircut or happy ending.

30 day immersions are $3450 for 30 days of access to your coach, your first session is $500 and once we complete that together, then you have 24 hours to decide if you would like to take the DEEP DIVE into an immersion coaching program, the balance due would be $2950. This includes 4 in person sessions and 4 webcam meetings and a detailed Google doc with notes of our ENTIRE immersion for you to look back on later. I now have a STRIPE account so you can pay by credit card. If you do not want to take the deep dive with me, then you can just pay per session $500 per in the future. Within the 30 day program we BUILD AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP just by communicating this often. Trust is built between both parties and I get to know you on a deep level through your communication style. As I start to understand you more, I will send you suggestions through links of videos to watch or articles to read, motivational texts and check ins. This bond is SACRED and creates an additional container for our work that helps you feel my presence when you are not in front of me. Paying by the session is not as effective for long lasting change, as doing things for 30 days is scientifically known to create permanent NEW habit forming neuropathways. There are no REFUNDS once payment has been made. If you pay by credit card there is a 4% Hawaii Excise Tax Fee as well as 2.5% credit card processing fee, making the the totals ($532.50/$3141.75).

WEB ONLY SESSIONS are $185/hr or $150 if bought in a pack of 5

MILLENIAL (18-30 yo)/LOW INCOME SCHOLARSHIPS. This is NOT A DISCOUNT. A Scholarship means you apply and show your potential for being an extraordinary young seeker by 1.making 2 posts about the work you want to do in Sacred Sexuality or What Sacred Sex means to you and tagging me on IG: TantraTokyoLoveHawaii you must have MORE THAN 600 followers on your accounts to make this post useful in spreading the word to your peers AND it has to be thoughtful. Just doing a post doesn't automatically qualify you. It has to be good. You can do a publicly posted webinar with me discussing our work that I post on the webs. You can plan an event on your campus or with your friends and invite me to speak if you don't want to do the social media route OR you can recruit a friend to a session. This will allow you to access rates at $300 per session and $2000 for the immersion. You do not automatically qualify just because you are millenial. (honey, please).

The money creates a professionalism that preserves and uplifts the session to its highest level. Perhaps you have a friend who is a chef or a language teacher. If they teach you a few words in that language or cook you a meal, I assure you it isn't the same presentation or time and effort spent as if you paid them their pro rates. Money IS still spriritual in this case as it is the human currency that helps us to create our Sacred Work. My ability to support myself doing this work is DIVINELY SUPPORTED BY THE UNIVERSE AND your patronage. I believe that I am blessed and guided to serve you and doing so FOR FREE would be undervaluing my worth and gifts.

Tantra and Sacred Intimacy is NOT JUST A JOB for me,it is my spirituality 24/7. I do not stop being Sacred once the session is over. I live and breathe this philosophy in every aspect of my life when I am with clients or not. This is also why I do not identify as a sex worker. The main mantra of sex work is "Sex Work is Work." I love what I do and I don't have a work persona and a non work persona. Mariko is my real name and it is not a stage name. My giving of my services and gifts however is LIMITED to clients that pay me and lovers and partners in my personal life. When I have Partners who have been with me during my Tantric career, we also do ritual container work in our relationships but the investment is in our long term relationship and happiness as a couple not in their growth exclusively, it would then be a mutual investment in OUR growth. In contrast to when I work with clients, I focus entirely on the client, that is my commitment as a paid professional. It is all about you in our work!