Gathering in the Age of No Gathering at hex + rue Honolulu

1 older Ladydog and one crazy puppy SIX PARTICIPANTS and Priestess together during COVID times. Miraculous mix of energy, purpose, curiousity and community. First time teaching a group class in over one year! First time managing my puppy while teaching a class! Note to self: Designate a dog walker for her! I love that people of diverse background and places on the island showed up at all. It means a lot to me to have this go so smoothly. It was great to meet the spiritual folks in town, including first time collaborating with Darcie and hex + rue, a beautiful gallery space and book/tarot card shop focused on healing, rituals, energy.

I passed around my #shivalingam stone. My newest earth based LOVE magnet. I swear it pulls you down into the earth's deep and safe embrace. Like the feeling of your father carrying you to bed. We talked about sex magick rituals, how to do them, how to seal them into the earth with your fluids if you so desire. I had different people draw tarot cards from my personal decks and I demonstrated the home of the Kundalini serpents coiled in the base of the spine of the man. We did a group vocal energized orgasm socially distant and behind masks we still climaxed together in a frenzied pitch! I am SO inspired to do more of these if even in the park of in my apartment.