An Intake Questionaire is REQUIRED TO BOOK a session with me

Intakes are designed to assess your personal history and tailor a unique experience based on what it is you have stated to me that YOU WANTED out of the session.  This way it starts your understanding that YOU are accountable for what you stated was your intention.  YOU are the CREATOR of your results.  Others are all facilitators along your path.  This also begins your time and energy investment and tests if you are teachable and authentic in your Sacred exploration.  Please DO NOT ask me on a "real date" or consider any relationship (even a friendship) if you have landed at this website, you are a client.  I do not date OR hang out with clients although our sessions are DESIGNED to feel like we are really friends/divine lovers.  (That is the point my love)  There is a courting process to date me and hiring a Sacred Intimate allows you to circumvent the rituals of real dating and feel DIVINE LOVE with me ANYTIME I am available with no relationship maintainence in between.  This is not how a romantic relationship OUTSIDE of  SESSION would work with me however,  you would actually have to put in time and effort not just pay for an appointment.  This work allows ME to suspend prejudice and see everyone as the God/dess they were meant to be. 

The ritual container is a unique and special creation for BOTH OF US.  


 IN OUR SESSIONS YOU WILL feel more merged and connected than you have ever before.  As a client you've been given a short cut to the front of my heart without even courting me!  Do not mistake the need to earn your goddesses trust and affection over a journey together through time.  We create a SACRED CONTAINER where we can safely play and LEARN TO SHARE (yep we take it back to our inner children to meet and get along FIRST)  within the boundaries of our agreed paid session times and it is exists only there.  Your PAYMENT IS THE GOLDEN SEAL of this container.  Rapid, magical attraction doesn't exist even for ME often, outside of my sessions which is why I have stayed in this profession for over 7 years.  Your payment symbolizes a ENERGETIC COMMITMENT for YOU that will reflect in my devotion to you.  Tantra is exploration of LIGHT and SHADOW.  Not everything in life is all happy babies and happy endings, so in a trusted safe space we explore and purge our shadows and this SHOULD FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE.  You CANNOT break through unless you go towards the feelings you FEAR MOST.  If you aren't feeling close to your edge, then you are in your comfort zone and I am not interested in keeping you in your comfort zone.  I am interested in creating lasting change and next level ways of being in your life.   


I am NOT an Escort or a Girlfriend Experience.  This is a different program, Eject the old.  Speak to Me with Reverence, like you were speaking to a Priestess.   I don't answer texts that start with 'Hey' or that are not a full sentence such as an "Available?" text for example designed to mass text the first woman available.  Do not ask if you can take me on a "real date."  I don't do Happy Endings, only Happy Durings!  If you NEED A GUARANTEED OUTCOME this is not the right program.