About Mariko Passion パッション真理子

Mariko means...    (MA: Truth-RI: Natural Order of All Things-KO: Child)

For 44 yrs, I was dutifully running a SLAVE program my family and their ANCESTORS before them had installed in them. After 44 yrs I began to see that I was raised by narcissists and that I was CODEPENDENT and I was attracting narcissitic abuse because I was raised by a narcissist family but not yet aware of their programming. I learned how to fawn for attention because I had an emotionally unavailable family, so i tried to get needs met from outsiders. This inevitably led me to predator after vulture after BULLY throughout my ENTIRE LIFE since my parents divorced, I tried to ignore it but the patterns of abuse in my relationships were no longer something I could deny. Have you reached that point in your own life?  It means you are on the verge of GREAT change!  


I started in sex work as a stripper 20 yrs ago, making a 7 year stint in high risk escorting in Los Angeles 7 years ago. Now, my current profession is that of a Tantric Priestess, life coach and a teacher. My soul looked for answers in different jobs, people, schools, professions... I found self love, the Divine, peace and finally the last piece: forgiveness FOR SELF. The program said I was UNWORTHY and that I should DIE but I always knew that IT WAS LYING. I DISCONNECTED IT recently and am now finally FREE TO fulfil my DESTINY!  


I recently discovered through psychotherapy work just 6 months ago that I have COMPLEX or childhood PTSD.  It wasn't until I read Pete Walker's book Complex PTSD: Surviving to Thriving that my whole world as I knew it cracked open.  I realized that I had been emotionally abused as a child and as an adult child and that the messages of my abuse and my denial of it had run every decision in my life since my parents divorce.  If you came from a dysfunctional family and your patterns in sex and dating are mystifying you, perhaps this might be a place for you to explore with loving support.  I will forever describe October 2020 as the month my brain broke open, so since that is very recently you will be coming along the begining of this CPTSD journey even though I have been working with the other symptoms of my other PTSD for quite some time.  Our family of origin scripts are the ones that lead to the other scripts.  My teachings online and off will focus on sacred sexuality and Tantra from this lens of healing the INNER CHILD.  Namaste.  



TRAINING: Ecstatic Awareness Institute (Triambika Ma Vive, CA), TantraQuest (Shawn Roop, CA) Somatic Sensual Healing (Francesca Gentille, CA) Love Coach Academy (Scott Catamas, CA) Vipassana Meditation (CA), living and working in Japan for 3 years, B.A in Art From UC Berkeley, M.Ed from UCLA.





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