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Sacred Intimacy, Tantra

Life Coaching

Sessions Held In Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii 



Relational Healing

A LOT OF US come from families that were missing emotional support, physical touch, quality time or another one of our BASIC functional needs were not met (dysfunctional=missing function).  This affects every aspect of the path we choose, so we spend our ways journeying back to that original state of unconditional positive regard and perfect love (WITHIN) that is our birthright.  If our inner child has experienced neglect or abuse the adult sexuality and personality is adversely affected until the person becomes MORE AND MORE CONSCIOUS of their power as CREATORS (GODS!)  of their experiences.  

Love and Happiness

What is Intimacy?

Intimacy and intercourse are actually NOT the same.   An intimacy coaching program is not a EUPHEMISM for sex acts in exchange for money.  I promise you, that is NOT this program.  Intimacy is building trust and connection that keeps following the PATH OF YES naturally not transactionally.  TANTRA is actually a technology because it stimulates energetic connection and attraction in predictable, scientific ways.  From the beginning of our ritual eye gaze, you will feel a warm energy wash over the sacred safe container we wil create for our alchemical union to form whatever it does.   Some clients need more practical 

What is Sacred?

In order to have Sacred Intimacy, we first must KNOW THYSELF. and, LOVE LOVE LOVE THYSELF​ TRUE.  What is Intimacy?  INTO ME SEE.  Have you lost your connection to what is sacred in your life?  Our bodies are a temple and we are all gods and goddesses.  This is the first premise of Tantric practice.  You, I and everything we CREATE is DIVINE LOVE.  We can make love charged with an intoxicating connection without even getting naked or kissing.   Sex is CREATION ENERGY.  It is the energy that invigorates, invites, collaborates, builds, charges and more.  My Priestess energy is SACRED, my heart, my magick my goddessness in all its forms is SACRED.   Only Divine reflections of my light and love may enter my temple.   

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