Sacred Intimacy, Tantra

Life Coaching

Sessions Held In Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii 



Give me 30 DAYS

I will partner with you in exercises and rituals, you will be seen and loved like never before, encouraged as well as pushed to the edge of what you knew to be acceptable before this.  It is a journey DONE WITH YOU.  I bring all my humanity, divinity and life experiences to show you a reflection of your truth and facilitate you to experience your NEXT LEVEL OF GREATNESS.  It is a fun, sexy, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, challenging RELATIONSHIP LABORATORY.  It is you in your most TEACHABLE and open state for 30 days where you will have PM access to ideas and support from your personal Tantra teacher for the month, Priestess Mariko.   Usually 4 in person/4 web sessions and 30 day messaging options, but individually designed to suit each client's uniqueness.


Naked Yoga

Web Tantra Session

Outdoor sessions

Tantra Tea (Weed or Cheeses), Tarot Cards, play music with Tantric INTENTION. 

Bathing or Shower Ritual

with Body Blessing 

the best way to embody the god/dess and cleanse the spirit

Love and Happiness

Give me 2 hours

Learn about how to LAST LONGER and FUCK with your HEART, how to have full body orgasm, energy orgasm, multiple, how to orgasm without ejaculation, how to MAKE LOVE for   HOURS, how to never have blue balls again, REJOICE, how to get high off your own body's drugs for days, Tantric Yoga, Yoga therapy, Kink therapy, BELIEVE, how to fall in love with more ease and less anxiety, cuddle, bodyrub, skinship, laugh, contemplate, RECHARGE, sacred spot massage, yoni massage, HEAL, bathing ritual, heart seed planting ritual, REFRESH, learn about Kundalini and chakras, read tarot cards, swim in the ocean, forgive yourself, SCREAM! release, mourn, punch something, CREATE, chanting, singing, full moon gazing, learn to be AT CHOICE and in power in your SEX LIFE.  Think outside the genitals. Drink in the refreshing fountain known as SACRED INTIMACY.  

The session DOESN'T USUALLY (it might but it probably won't) include intercourse, there is never a menu/guaranteed transactional sex act. It is a different  and AUTHENTIC DESIRE with each person I co-create with.   Your next session will never be the same as the last.  

Sacred Intimates can help with:
childhood trauma
sexual healing
emotional detox
emotional rehab
              inner child work
Learn Something New
Do Something that Scares you Everyday
PTSD/CPTSD management
premature ejaculation
Tantra with your dog?
erection dysfunction
sex/loveless marriage
sacred sex education
yoga together
spiritual abuse/healing
LGBTQIAGNC  lifestyles
guided meditation
sex worker friendly
disability sexuality
relational healing
anti depressants and orgasms
420 friendly
LESS shame
LESS guilt
MORE ease, grace and flow.
yes.  and  yes.  and yes.
TANTRA is the path of least resistance.

What is Sacred?

In order to have Sacred Intimacy, we first must KNOW THYSELF. and, LOVE LOVE LOVE THYSELF​ TRUE.  What is Intimacy?  INTO ME SEE.  Have you lost your connection to what is sacred in your life?  Our bodies are a temple and we are all gods and goddesses.  This is the first premise of Tantric practice.  You, I and everything we CREATE is DIVINE LOVE.  We can make love charged with an intoxicating connection without even getting naked or kissing.   Sex is CREATION ENERGY.  It is the energy that invigorates, invites, collaborates, builds, charges and more.  My Priestess energy is SACRED, my heart, my magick my goddessness in all its forms is SACRED.   Only Divine reflections of my light and love may enter my temple.   

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